the greg inglis story


"My name is Greg Inglis, from the Dunghutti tribe (Kempsey) a former rugby league player. I grew up in Macksville, part of the Nambucca Valley. I have 3 siblings; one older brother, younger sister and a younger brother. Throughout my life, I have faced a few hurdles. Some amazing memories, some not. I've learned how to build character through these challenges, but having the right people like my family and friends around me, helps me get through the tough times. 

Being able to talk about mental health is something I’m passionate about. What i’ve been through will not go away, but talking about my struggles, helps. I hope that something I have said, helps you and let you know that you are not alone. 


The Goanna Academy was created to help change lives for the better and break the cycle of rising cases of poor mental health in sectors of youth, adults and indigenous community. I enjoy passing my Rugby League knowledge of development skills on to the next generation of kids coming through the Academy. I want participants to become ‘champions’ of what the Academy is all about and support others who may be suffering."

Greg Inglis